Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Classrm procedures

I’d like to share some classroom practices with you guys. In the school I was from, we had this standardized classroom procedures, which were amongst the first set of rules drilled into the sec 1s when they first came in. I also learnt a few tips from my CT, which I tried to practice during the school experience.
(1) Don’t enter the class straight if the pupils are noisy (the previous teacher might have left earlier or you were late). Stand at the doorway and give them a stern look till they actually settle down.
(2) The pupils should know that when it’s your period, you expect to see only your materials ready on the table and they should be quietly sitting and waiting for you (which is usually of course not the case).
(3) Once they stand to greet you, just do a quick attire check like making sure shirts are tucked in, name tags are on etc before proceeding with the greeting.
(4) Other expectations or routines you can instill during lesson itself is :
· No slouching. Sit up straight.
· ‘1 conversation’ = when the teacher is explaining something, everybody should give their utmost attention to her or him and nobody else should be talking.
· ‘Take turns’ = students to raise up hands and take turn to ask questions and give answers
· ‘6-inch voice’ = this is applied in group discussions
Hope this helps =)


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