Thursday, August 25, 2005

Difficult Parents

Aite, let me share some things i learnt from my school experience with regards to encountering and handling difficult parents. One of the discipline committee members actually ever highlighted to me that it is very important that before we meet up with parents (especially for discipline cases) we should prepare 'evidence'. What does she mean by 'evidence'? Ok what happened in my school was, i was helping a rather new teacher with her form class and we had this very difficult smart aleck student who simply likes to distract his friends. There were a lot of complaints abt him in the class diary and despite having taken disciplinary actions against him, he didn't change. So the form teacher called his mother down hoping she could help change his behaviour for the better. Luckily, this form teacher was superbly prepared with a compilation of all the subject teachers' feedback, the class diary and also the discipline records. This is because when the boy's mother came down, in the midst of the meeting, she was totally adamant that her son wasn't the kind of boy that we described he is. She kept insisting "How can like that one? Impossible. My son very good boy at home. He does his homework without being told. " Then she went on implying that it must be the teachers who haven't done enough and the worst part was she even targeted the Maths and History teachers bacause her son complained that their lessons were boring and all. Me being the observer there and having met a parent for the first time, was appalled at her reactions. The discipline mistress eventually took over and actually went through all the ''evidences' with the mother who eventually seem more receptive of the teachers' feedback. That's when she realized that oh her son wasn't that angelic after all in school and she started giving fierce glares at her son hehe. K don't think i need to account for what happened subsequently la. It's just the thing is, next time if any of you need to see a parent with regards to discipline cases, prepare sufficient 'evidence' for your feedback to fall back on. Good Luck ;)


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