Sunday, August 28, 2005

Good Mood =)...Punishment issue

Im in the most splendid mood this evening because my internet problem has been solved! Woohoo! Finally=)! And this weekend has been really great! The family gathering at JB wasn't so bad after all..heheh. My grandma was all excited about me becoming a 'Cikgu' that they had a small prayer session for me. That was a sweet gesture which i really appreciate of course. But in the midst of it all, I also felt like I was embarking on some crucial mission and everybody was furiously praying and hoping the best for me hehe =P.
Anyway, something just crossed my mind and I thought I'd better pen it out here before I forgot. There are 2 scenarios and questions I'd like to put across. (A) First, it's with regards to giving remedials and detention. I had this experience of 2 students skipping remedials consecutively without valid reasons. So i actually met up with them personally and gave them extra work. Actually, initially i wanted to give them offence form for truancy( which automatically requires that they serve detention) but what happened was, when i approached another teacher for her opinion, she said something like, "Better not. Otherwise they (the discipline committee) might think you're just taking the easy way out by giving detention without trying to solve the problem 1st. It won't look nice." The idea that i got was, if i were really going to send the students for detention, it meant that i was undermining my own capability in handling these kids and was just taking the easy way out. So in the dilemma I was in, i resorted to giving extra work and supervision to the kids. My Qn: What are your opinions on giving detention as modes of punishment in these instances? (B) The second scenario, I remember this parent who actually called up my CT because she disagreed with her punishing method of making her students write lines repeatedly. Her reason was that it was a waste of time and that her child was not learning anything meaningful or useful from doing that. For eg: I will not forget to bring my Geog textbook again (50-100x). (I actually emulate this method when I temporarily took over her classes). Qn: With this, how about having a sharing session on different methods of punishment for various offences committed by students? For example, not bringing books, not completing homework, being disruptive in class etc. I understand that different teachers have different approaches to solving disciplinary problems and it'd be good if we share tips so we can adopt the most feasible and appropriate method in instances when we need one. Just a suggestion.... =)


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welcome home to sunny Singapore :-)

your ideas have been noted :-)

keep reflecting, and keep posting :-)

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