Thursday, August 11, 2005

many thanks

hehe sam if ur reading this im sure you're going to gloat because im going to highlight your name and your mini contribution to my recent engagement with this geogblog hehe. Before that, i'd say thanks to kenneth for encouraging us to be more involved with IT (despite all the frettings and anxiety, i know it's going to be a BIG help in the future) and also to sam my dear cousin cum good friend who's been willing to set aside his precious time to share his expertise on all stuffs IT. I know Sam was bewildered at discovering my ignorance and blurness in this field. I could imagine him rolling his eyes every 10s whenever i went "oooohhh like dat arrr"...ah haha! =P Thanks for patiently guiding this techno-idiot through hehe. Oh sam also shared some of his podcast files and there was this hilarious radio programme (sheesh forgot the title) which really got me interested. Hopefully, i can explore more of that after this upcoming podcast project.. once ive brushed up on my It skills that is....
Anyway, speaking of podcasts...yesterday's lesson was... phew! Heavy! And being the techno-idiot i am.. sigh.. i was trying my best to jot down step by step of Kenneth's instructions but to no avail, my understanding got all haywire and i was jotting down all IT terms that do not really register with my brain =P. Emmm ya so sad. For those techno-savvy people reading this, you must be pondering over which planet i'm from =/ ... but then again, im not feeling that hopeless because luckily, it's going to be a groupwork and that means i can learn from the rest. The best part is, its hands-on so im sure i'll do better after lots of trial and errors with this technology. So fingers-crossed everything will go well. Got to end now for lunch. Good luck to all!


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