Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Shou Wee's lesson

Shou Wee’s lesson very much reminded me of my lower sec Geog teacher. Her delivery of the lesson was very clear and smooth such that students can grasp the concepts effectively. I was very much impressed with her voice projection, she had her eye contact spread out across the class and the delivery of the lesson content was very well-structured and organized. I especially liked the way she handled the students’ questions, even those that she couldn’t answer immediately. She came across as a very experienced teacher indeed! Shou Wee’s idea of using tapioca paste to demonstrate viscosity of lava is superbly genius and I hope to try that out someday myself heheh. Thanks Shou Wee! Speaking of Vulcanism, I remember teaching that topic (to sec 1 kids) using newspaper articles and powerpoint. The students (especially the boys) were very enthusiastic about this topic and were keen on watching a documentary on volcanoes. Unfortunately, because of time constraint and limited resources, we couldn’t get around to viewing it. Hopefully, the teacher who took over provided that chance for them because I personally think we should capitalize on their enthusiasm of a topic or an issue. That way, when you assign them with work, they’ll be more motivated to do it and do it well. Alternatively, to teaching this topic in accordance with TTLM, rather than giving the content straight to the students, we can also get them to create volcano models as group projects. This way, we can induce self-directed learning as students would have to conduct research and self-learn the parts of the volcanoes. This is not a new idea of course but I’m sure the students would be enthusiastic about hands-on projects like this. Ok, that’s all I guess. Before I end this entry, Shou Wee if you happen to read this, I think you really did a great job! =)


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Oh, thanks so much for all the nice words! :) I really feel encouraged. :)
I have a cdrom with video clips on volcanoes but it is quite cheem. Plus it gave me motion sickness so I decided not to tap on it at all (although I could have used part of it), if not we will end up with a puking teacher and 40 laughing hyenas in class. :)

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