Wednesday, September 07, 2005

phew.....mine's over =)

Hi all, i've just had my geog microteaching and phew am i so glad that it's over. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I dread teaching my classmates or anything, i was just super nervous and worried how things would turn out. Thank God there wasn't any major disruptions in the class =).. Well actually i was wondering why. I know that some of you were aware that i've been unwell the past few days and that you did't want to cause me too much stress. And i'm very thankful for your concern and understanding =). Since i have class in half an hour's time, I better pen down my reflections before i forget. First things first, i'd like to apologize to all for not being properly attired.I know i look weird teaching with half of that sweater over my body. I was feeling cold and ya..hehe dat's the way i usually put on my sweater =P.. Don't worry I won't do that in a real classroom. OK since i'm pressed for time,(I have another presentation and microteaching coming up! aaaahhhhhh!) im just going to list down a few things that perhaps i could improve on in the future.
1) Appear less nervous..hehe
2) Perhaps i went through the recap of previous lesson a tad bit too fast..especialy the summary diagram.
3) Could have made the students more engaged by asking Liyan, Dapne (the students who have been to BTNR) to share their experience with the class as part of the induction, just to make the others students curious and excited about what they're going to see.
4) For the virtual fieldtrip, the slide transition might have been too fast ( I rehearsed it with my bro and he said it was fine..and i thought it was ok too.. so sorry about that) for the students to actually digest what they see and hear, and describe it in their field diary.
5) Speaking of field diary, i could have explained more of its use or gave examples on how the content can be applied in their groupwork.
6) Because some of the students did not manage to catch what was on some of the slides, i actually diverted away from what had been planned in my lesson plan (..u-oh...) and replayed some of the slides again. Then I went through the details of each boxes and elicited answers from the students. To be truthful, those slides were actually my back-up plan because i kind of anticipated that some students might not be able to absorb things as well and as fast as the others. But i'm actually glad i managed to do that because at least i got to check if all the students' observations are correct and share the descriptions that i expected from them.
7) For the conclusion, ya because of time constraint i didn't get to that. What was planned was after presentation from students, i would provide feedback/ also get students to comment, then summarize that day's lessons and then ask them to complete Box 10 at home as reflection and also to read up Chap 7 for next lesson.
Gotta go for my next lesson. i welcome any feedback from all of you tomorrow. Thanks for being cooperative guys =).